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Jugl WorkspaceYour Comprehensive Digital Office SolutionElevate your business operations with Jugl Workspace, the comprehensive digital office solution. It streamlines collaboration, management, and productivity by integrating essential tools in one platform. From onboarding to project management, Jugl Workspace simplifies team leadership and efficiency without heavy IT reliance.
CheckEfficient Onboarding Process
CheckDigital Office Workspace
CheckPersonalized Employee Profiles
CheckImmediate Access to Tools
CheckSimplified Administrative Process
CheckEnhanced First-Day Experience
Digital Office IntegrationSeamless Employee Onboarding
Kickstart your team's journey with Jugl's streamlined onboarding process, welcoming new members to your digital office effortlessly.
Work Management Software
Advanced Collaboration ToolsAdvanced Collaboration Tools
Promote teamwork and communication within your digital office through Jugl's advanced collaboration tools, including chat and group chat functionalities.
 Advanced Collaboration Tools
CheckReal-Time Communication
CheckCollaborative Workspaces
CheckFlexible Communication Options
CheckEnhanced Team Cohesion
CheckStreamlined Project Discussions
CheckImproved Productivity
Field Employee Travel LogAttendance and Travel ManagementEfficiently manage attendance and travel logs with Jugl's Clock in/Clock out and Travel Log features, designed for both office and field employees.
CheckAccurate Attendance Tracking
CheckTravel Log for Field Employees
CheckFlexible Work Arrangements
CheckExpense Tracking Solutions
CheckEnhanced Reporting
CheckRemote Work Facilitation
Versatile Project ManagementComprehensive Project and Task ManagementLeverage Jugl's robust task management features for effective project oversight, task delegation, and progress tracking.
Versatile Project Management
Versatile Project ManagementManage a wide range of projects, from individual tasks to client-specific projects, all within Jugl Workspace.
Customizable Task Allocation
Customizable Task AllocationAssign and customize tasks based on project requirements and team capabilities.
Real-Time Progress Tracking
Real-Time Progress Tracking Monitor task progress in real time, ensuring projects stay on track and deadlines are met.
Integrated Team Collaboration
Integrated Team CollaborationCollaborate on tasks and projects directly within the platform, enhancing team synergy and output.
Client Project Management
Client Project ManagementManage client projects with dedicated tools, improving client satisfaction and project outcomes.
Automated Reporting
Automated ReportingGenerate reports on task completion, attendance, and more, providing valuable insights into team performance and project status.
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