Who Jugl is Designed For?


With Jugl, businesses get to own their data, have their own space to run their business, assign tasks, and chat with their people.



Easily assign and manage group tasks all in one place.


Chat, call, and collaborate with your people, vendors, and clients.


Store all your data and intellectual property on the Jugl cloud.

Never has task and communication management been so easy.

Jugl Makes Management Easy

Own your communications.

With Jugl, businesses own and manage all of the communications happening between their people and projects.

By using Jugl, businesses benefit from:

  • Complete control over your company’s communications and data
  • Enhanced security with the ability to wipe company data from personal devices
  • Complete data retention of your communications data
  • Easy, fast cloud drive storage for all of your communication data

Powerful dashboard view.

Jugl’s “My Tasks” view allows you to see every task and event for all of your employee’s and employee groups in one, easy-to-view screen.

  • Tasks
  • Task updates
  • Calendar events
  • Daily and special alerts for events/meetings

One app, any device.

Jugl has IOS, Android, and a Web version so that any user, on any device can collaborate and work on Jugl.

Get the team together.

Create meetings and other calendar events for your group, select the date, time, and location for the event, and share it with your team. Group members can also RSVP for your event and have the event reminder show up on their “My Tasks” view.

Cloud share everything.

  • Upload files, photos, videos, and more to share with your team members or clients.
  • Storage controls allow to you restrict access to data as you see fit.
  • 100gb of storage for your business to start, and easily expand as your business grows.

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