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Sync with friends, family, coworkers, and communities all in one amazing space.

Keeping in contact with your circle of friends, family, and coworkers can feel like a full-time job. But with Jugl, we've simplified the process and made communication extremely secure in one powerful app.

Simplify collaboration by keeping all your appointments and business affairs in one powerful app.

With Jugl you can improve productivity and collaborate with employees and customers through the task management feature which allows you to assign and keep track of progress on tasks.

Life can be busy. Manage it on Jugl and keep it all under control on one platform

Is managing all the disparate parts of your life causing excessive stress? Thankfully, Jugl is a digital space where you can keep up with your personal and professional networks while managing your busy life in one secure app.

Too many files? Store your files on Jugl and share them with others using cloud drive.

Jugl is introducing cloud drive for both public and private group chats. This allows you to upload any kind of file at any size to the group cloud so it doesn’t clutter your phone’s storage .

About Us

Our Goal is to Simplify Collaboration


Networking & Service

Improve productivity and collaborate with employees and customers through customer centric services that benefit from a centralized management and networking tool.


Organization & Independent

Jugl helps digital savvy teachers and organizations by simplifying teaching solutions and providing practical tools to help you teach, collaborate, and educate learners and students.



Jugl provides practical tech that delivers life-management and communication tools that enable you to lead your team more effectively.


Management & Profiles

Jugl includes the feature to create a highly customizable business profile to represent your business. as well as the ability to simply manage and assign tasks to others.

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