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Modern Digital WorkspaceSeamlessly Connect With Office Staff, Remote Teams, Field Crews, and ClientsTry Jugl for free
Centralize all Your Business Operations on One Integrated PlatformRevolutionizes how you manage attendance, travel, projects, tasks, work orders, and communications.Try Jugl for free
Jugl: 5-in-1 SolutionUnify your tools, avoid disconnection, and stop juggling between applications.Try Jugl for free
Effortlessly Efficient: Get Started With Jugl in MomentsJugl is meticulously crafted to provide the simplest solution for managing diverse workforce types.Try Jugl for free
Transform Your Data into Actionable InsightsDaily, Weekly, and Instant ReportsTry Jugl for free
Task Clarity for Peak PerformanceEmpower Managers and Employees with Real-Time VisibilityTry Jugl for free
ManagersHow does Jugl improve business management?
Business Task Management
CheckTask Reports
CheckTravel Log
CheckVisible Growth
CheckTask Visibility
CheckOperation Efficiency
CheckEasy Collaboration
Jugl Collaboration - All in one AppClock In/Out + Task + Project/Order Management + Chat + Call + Online Meeting + Travel Log + Document Storage + Dynamic Reports
Task flow solutionsA more efficient way to manage and control daily tasks
Task Management System
CheckManagers have the capability to log their daily tasks within the system.
CheckManagers can delegate tasks to team members, streamlining the distribution of responsibilities.
CheckTeam members can collaborate on and finalize assigned tasks, marking them as completed upon accomplishment.
Tools you needPowerful data
Team Management System
CheckDetailed reporting offers comprehensive insights into various facets of your company's operations at Jugl.
CheckOur philosophy at Jugl is rooted in the idea that enhanced visibility leads to greater capabilities and improved performance.
CheckWe firmly believe that a thorough understanding of your company through detailed reporting empowers you to achieve more impactful outcomes.
Team flow solutionsElevate your employees to a new level of productivity and collaboration
Project Management Tool
Jugl delivers real time insight into daily tasks and teamwork. It offers powerfully simple task and communication tools that create a culture of ideas and cooperation. Chat, share and collaborate in one powerful place.Discover how Jugl works for you and your team.
Tools you needIs your team hitting their target goals?
Task management application
CheckTrue change commences with total visibility at your fingertips, a principle upheld by Jugl.
CheckJugl provides a unified business solution enabling tracking of tasks and productivity from a centralized, powerful platform.
Empowering Companies Worldwide with Jugl
Is this you?“I value daily task and team flow efficiencies, trackable activity, transparency, and team collaboration.
If yes, schedule a tour today.Team collaboration application
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