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Human Resource Information ManagementJugl HRIM - Secure Employee Document ManagementDiscover Jugl's User Admin module: the ultimate solution for secure employee document management. Accessible from any device, it offers confidential digital folders for each employee, ensuring seamless upload and access of essential documents. Experience the convenience and security of Jugl for modern HR departments.Try Jugl for free
CheckStreamlined Document Access
CheckConfidential and Secure
CheckMobile and Web Accessibility
CheckEnhanced Organization
CheckUniversal Admin Access
Unlock Efficiency Jugl's User Admin ModuleCentralized HR Document Repository with Jugl
Discover how Jugl's User Admin module streamlines HR document management. Centralize and secure employee documents effortlessly, addressing organizational challenges with ease.
Revolutionizing HR OnboardingStreamlining Onboarding with Jugl Task for HR
Discover how Jugl's task template feature simplifies and enhances the onboarding journey for new employees, prioritizing efficiency and simplicity in HR management.
Customizable Onboarding TemplatesCustomizable Onboarding Templates
Document Sharing CapabilityDocument Sharing Capability
Simplified Process ManagementSimplified Process Management
Increased EfficiencyIncreased Efficiency
Enhanced Employee ExperienceEnhanced Employee Experience
Centralized CommunicationCentralized Communication
CheckAutomated Report Generation
CheckCustomizable HR Reports
CheckEnhanced Accuracy & Compliance
CheckLocation Verification
CheckSimplified Attendance Tracking
Tailoring to Your Payroll NeedsBoost Attendance Reporting with Jugl
Jugl transforms HR with advanced clock in/out, streamlining attendance, payroll, and tracking. With seamless integration and customization, Jugl empowers efficient attendance management, freeing HR to focus on strategic goals.
HR Management Tool
Revolutionizing Leave ManagementSimplifying the Employee Leave Approval Process with Jugl TaskJugl Task introduces a streamlined and efficient approach to managing the employee leave approval process. By leveraging Jugl's innovative features, both employees and managers can experience a more seamless and transparent leave management system.
Easy Leave Submission
One-Click Approval by Managers
Comprehensive Action Logging
Visibility for Human Resource
Document Upload Capability
Enhanced Reporting with JuglStreamlining Travel Reimbursement with Jugl Task
Simplify travel reimbursements with Jugl Task. Enhance efficiency, transparency, and accuracy in managing employee expenses.
CheckSeamless Submission Process
CheckIntegrated Approval Workflow
CheckDocument Upload for Verification
CheckCentralized Communication
CheckEfficient Record Keeping
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Efficiency, Compliance, and InnovationTransforming HR Management with JuglJugl streamlines HR processes from onboarding to attendance tracking, with automation and user-friendly tools. Elevate your HR management with Jugl's innovative suite, ensuring efficiency and compliance while fostering a seamless work environment.
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