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Jugl helps you achieve the level of success you strive for everyday by providing immediate insight into your business´s daily project and team flow needs. It offers accountability, transparency, and efficient communications that give you the control you need to move forward with confidence.
Jugl Collaboration - All in one AppClock In/Out + Task + Project/Order Management + Chat + Call + Online Meeting + Travel Log + Document Storage + Dynamic Reports
Team Management Tool
Team flow benefitsBenefits of JuglJob satisfactionWhen individuals feel that their contributions are valued and they are a part of a cohesive unit, their commitment and job satisfaction tend to increase.Learning and growthPositive team flow allows for knowledge sharing. As team members collaborate, they learn from one anotherStrengthened communicationEffective communication can help avoid misunderstandings, ensure everyone is aligned on objectives, and foster a culture of open feedback.
Team flow benefits
Jugl kpiControl and Visibility with Our Dynamic KPI Approach
Keep people informedJugl ensures everyone stays in the loop. From project updates to task progress, real-time notifications and transparent communication channels keep everyone informed about the latest updates.
Keep people involved
Keep people involvedCollaboration is at the heart of Jugl. Assign tasks, set priorities, and delegate responsibilities seamlessly. Promote teamwork by enabling discussions, file sharing, group chat, notifications and reports.
Keep people interested
Keep people interestedEngaging tasks breed enthusiasm. Through intuitive interfaces, interactive elements, and milestone tracking, our platform transforms project management into an immersive experience.
Keep people inspired
Keep people inspiredProjects thrive on innovation and passion. Jugl celebrates achievements, encourages creativity, and cultivates a culture of continuous improvement. By acknowledging milestones and sparking creativity, we inspire greatness in every team member.
Team Flow Solutions
Team Flow SolutionsIt offers accountability, transparency, and efficient communications that give you the Freedom you need to move forward with confidence.
Task Management and Communication App
Seamless Communication and Coordination
Communication and Coordination App
Integrated Task Management and Communication
Location Log and Reporting App
Enhanced Remote Team Management
Centralized Information App
Location Log and Reporting
Remote Team Management application
Centralized Information Repository
Business management integrated app
Bring Accountability and Visibility
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