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Jugl Cloud StorageProfessional and Secure Cloud Solution for BusinessesSecure your business's digital assets with Jugl Cloud Storage. Enjoy top-tier privacy, accessibility, and flexibility for critical documents, project files, and multimedia assets. Thrive in the digital age with peace of mind.
Public Folders: Seamless Collaboration and Accessibility
CheckUniversal Access
CheckVisibility and Convenience
Private Folders: Guaranteed Privacy and Security
CheckRestricted Access
CheckTailored Authorization
Streamlined Management and Transition
CheckCentralized Data Hub
CheckEffortless User Transitions
Secure Public and Private FoldersEnhanced Data Control for Your Business
A sophisticated system offering both public and private folders for versatile data management. With unparalleled flexibility and security, easily store, access, and share files among team members.
Enhanced Data Control
Tailored to Your Business NeedsExpandable Storage Solutions with Jugl Drive
Best Data Storage Tool
Jugl Drive provides a generous 200 GB of initial storage, customizable to meet the unique needs and growth of your business
Streamline Your Workflow with Instant File PreviewsEfficient File Management with Preview Capability on Jugl DriveJugl Drive revolutionizes file management with advanced preview capabilities for various file types like images, videos, and PDFs. Ideal for users seeking efficient access to their files anytime, anywhere.
CheckboxInstant Access
CheckboxSeamless File Browsing
CheckboxSupports Various File Types
CheckboxReduced Data Usage
CheckboxOptimized for Mobility
CheckboxCollaborate More Effectively
Centralized File Management SolutionsSeamless File Access and Synchronization with JuglJugl revolutionizes file management with its centralized access system, allowing seamless file upload and retrieval across all devices. Users can effortlessly sync files on mobile or desktop, ensuring real-time data accessibility.
CheckMaximize Efficiency On-the-Go
CheckCross-Platform Accessibility
CheckFile Sharing and Collaboration
CheckInstant Synchronization
CheckData Security and Integrity
CheckSimplified File Management
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