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Case StudyEnhancing Healthcare Operations at Be Well Hospitals with Jugl
Be Well Hospitals
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InterjectionInefficient staff communication.
InterjectionLack of patients visibility
InterjectionPatient records miscoordination
InterjectionHHigh operational costs
CheckEnhanced communication
CheckReal-time processes visibility
CheckStreamlined appointment scheduling
CheckAutomation cost savings
QuoteJUGL transformed our day-to-day with organized tasks and swift inventory tracking, enhancing employee productivity.Quote
Sankara Pandian
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Client OverviewBe Well Hospitals is a renowned group of hospitals based in India, dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare services to patients across the country. With a focus on patient-centric care and medical excellence, Be Well Hospitals has established itself as a trusted healthcare provider, offering a wide range of medical specialties and services.
ChallengeAs Be Well Hospitals continues to expand its network and patient base, managing healthcare operations efficiently becomes increasingly complex. The organization faces challenges in coordinating medical staff, scheduling appointments, managing patient records, and ensuring seamless communication between departments.
SolutionTo address these challenges and optimize healthcare delivery, Be Well Hospitals decides to integrate Jugl, an all-in-one app, into their operations. Jugl offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline communication, task management, and collaboration within the healthcare setting:
Task Reports: Enables department heads to create and assign tasks related to patient care, appointment scheduling, medical records management, and facility maintenance, ensuring smooth operations and timely resolution of issues.
Task Visibility: Provides real-time visibility into task progress, allowing supervisors to monitor patient flow, staffing levels, and equipment availability to optimize resource allocation and improve patient care.
Operation Efficiency: Streamlines communication between medical staff, administrative teams, and support staff, reducing administrative burden and enabling healthcare professionals to focus on delivering high-quality care to patients.
Visible Growth: Facilitates performance tracking and analysis, allowing Be Well Hospitals to identify areas for improvement, implement best practices, and drive continuous improvement in healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.
Easy Collaboration: Promotes collaboration among medical teams through features like chat, online meetings, and document sharing, facilitating interdisciplinary communication and ensuring coordinated patient care.
ImplementationBe Well Hospitals implements Jugl across its network of hospitals, departments, and medical staff. The integration process involves training employees on how to use the app effectively and establishing standardized workflows for communication and task management using Jugl.
Impact: Jugl was able to optimize the operation structure according to their organization Hierarchy and workflow with the set of defined processes. The communication and work allocation for their operational tasks has been assigned via free chat platforms and emails. In an organization where there are close to 300 plus employees with more than 1000 groups on WhatsApp, it was a chaotic situation for decision makers to manage their operations and communication on a daily basis. With Jugl we have simplified with a secured private chat function with only 20 plus groups based on departments and simplified tasks to assign employee workload based on projects. With higher visibility on tasks reaching out to the stakeholder of the Job is now made simple and aerial of the performers resulted in increased productivity for them.
Improved Patient Care: With Jugl, Be Well Hospitals enhances the quality of patient care by enabling medical staff to communicate more effectively, coordinate care plans, and access patient information in real time. This leads to better treatment outcomes, higher patient satisfaction, and improved patient retention.
Increased Operational Efficiency: Jugl streamlines administrative processes, reduces paperwork, and improves communication between departments, resulting in increased operational efficiency and reduced wait times for patients. This allows Be Well Hospitals to serve more patients while maintaining high standards of care.
Enhanced Staff Satisfaction: By simplifying communication and task management, Jugl reduces the stress and workload on medical staff, leading to higher job satisfaction and lower turnover rates. This fosters a positive work environment and promotes employee retention, ultimately benefiting patient care and organizational performance.
Cost Savings: The streamlined operations and improved efficiency achieved through Jugl help Be Well Hospitals reduce operational costs, optimize resource utilization, and maximize revenue generation. This allows the organization to reinvest in infrastructure, technology, and staff training to further enhance patient care and maintain competitiveness in the healthcare market.
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