Features of JuglBee

The ultimate solution for managing your institution

Powerful Chat Engine

JuglBee is powered by the Jugl chat engine and can process millions of text exchanges in parallel.

100% Data Ownership

Institutions own 100% of their generated data and save it in secured cloud storage with 24/7 management access.

100% Privacy

Privacy is paramount and no phone numbers are ever used, with access 100% controlled by the institution.

100% Digital School

Teachers and students can collaborate with being exposed with this 100% digital school platform.

100% User Adoption

Our simple, easy-to-learn interface will help users adopt JuglBee in no time, with no training required.

24-Hour Onboarding

JuglBee can be implemented within 24 hours. Students and teachers can start using it in no time.


The Benefits of Using JuglBee

Effortless Critical Updates

Send out school-wide announcements or communicate important updates to specific classrooms or grade levels. Our app provides a central hub for all communication, making it easy to ensure that parents are kept in the loop on all critical updates.

Assign, Grade, & Report

Assign classwork, homework, and projects to your students - all within the app. Plus, students can turn in assignments directly to you through the app, making it easy to keep track of all their work and provide feedback in real-time.

Parent - Teacher Communication

Check in on your student's grades, assignments, and progress reports and quickly and easily communicate with your student's teacher to ask questions, provide feedback, or schedule meetings.

Attendance Notifications

Manage and track student attendance right from the app and send notifications to parents when their child is marked present, giving them peace of mind that their child is where they are supposed to be.

Student - Teacher Communication

Students can easily ask questions and get answers in real-time, all within the app. Plus, the app's user-friendly design and customizable settings make it easy for teachers to collaborate with students on assignments, projects, and more.

Broadcast Announcements

Schools can easily broadcast non-urgent updates or announcements to parents, students, and communities ensuring that everyone is in the know about important events, schedule changes, or other updates.

How JuglBee is a better solution than WhatsApp

Solving multiple requirements with one solution.

Secured chat

No phone number exposed

All in one cloud

100% Accessibility

Ease of administration

Upcoming JuglBee Features

The features that we are working on to make JuglBee more powerful

User Profile

Fees payment

Driver GEO Tracking

Students' Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Introducing JuglBee - a revolutionary communication app for education institutions. It is a unique blend of an ERP and LMS system, providing a powerful yet simple solution for managing communication with parents, students, lessons, assignments, attendance, and overall institution operations. With JuglBee, institutions can greatly enhance their communication with parents and improve overall efficiency.

While WhatsApp may be a widely used communication tool, it may not be the best option for institutions when it comes to communicating with parents. WhatsApp has significant security risks, as parent phone numbers can be easily shared and potentially stolen for malicious purposes. Additionally, WhatsApp is not designed for structuring, monitoring, and retrieving messages efficiently. It also mixes personal chats with professional ones, creating unnecessary clutter.

Many parents are also hesitant to give their WhatsApp number to their child for personal reasons.

Using WhatsApp for institution communication also has limitations. Some institutions use broadcast lists instead of groups to avoid exposing parent numbers, but unfortunately broadcast also has limitations because they don’t get delivered if the parent has not stored the broadcast number in their phone.

It is important for institutions to have their own dedicated communication channel in order to mitigate these risks and protect sensitive information. JuglBee is an ideal solution for this purpose as it provides a powerful yet simple solution for managing communication with parents, students, lessons, assignments, attendance, and overall institution operations.


Many individuals still rely on WhatsApp for communication, when institutions using it for their parent communication, it can expose user data to security risks. Parent phone numbers can be easily shared and potentially stolen and used for nefarious purposes. It is important for schools to have their own communication channel in order to mitigate these risks and protect sensitive information.

Jugl Bee, exclusively designed for educational institutions, offers a secure and safe alternative to WhatsApp by providing personal and group chat features. This platform allows students and teachers to communicate and create an online community. With the added ability to share multimedia such as images, audio and PDFs, Jugl Bee allows for efficient communication and the quick dissemination of important announcements to the class.

Ensuring accurate information is shared with all stakeholders is essential for the proper functioning of educational institutions. Educational organizations deal with large amounts of data and clear communication is needed to improve transparency. However, many institutions still use outdated methods to send information to students and teachers, leading to wastage of paper, time and data misuse risk. By adopting JuglBee, school administrators can eliminate these issues and easily communicate with students, parents and teachers at the click of a button.


The lesson feature in Jugl Bee is user-friendly and highly popular among schools. It enables teachers of any grade level to create a lesson chat and add various resources and discussion topics. The feature also allows teachers to send homework and notes to students and enables students to submit completed notes and ask doubts.


Jugl Bee provides a convenient and efficient system for managing assignments. Teachers have the flexibility to easily create and edit assignments, while students can submit their work in various formats. The platform also offers an easy way for teachers to grade and evaluate student work. Additionally, JuglBee also tracks the status of each student's assignment, giving students alerts about upcoming due dates.

Attendance Management:

JuglBee simplifies, streamlines and increases transparency in attendance management through providing detailed analytics and reports. This makes evaluating student attendance more efficient. The attendance function of JuglBee allows teachers to easily mark attendance with just a few clicks.

School feed:

Jugl Bee allows administrators to quickly and easily make announcements to the entire school by creating a school-wide feed, similar to a Facebook wall. This feed is available for all users to view and engage with and the list of all posts are available for administrators to check.

School Management:

Managing a school, especially in an online environment, can be a challenging task. One of the major obstacles is the proper organization of classes and divisions to effectively track and monitor student progress, which is essential for the growth and success of the institution. JuglBee provides an innovative solution that streamlines operations and increases efficiency by offering an easy way to organize and configure classes, teachers, students, and subjects.

Group School Management:

If you have multiple branches of a school and want to manage them all seamlessly, JuglBee offers a solution for you. The platform allows group schools to easily manage each branch with its intuitive system.

JuglBee chat is similar to WhatsApp in that it allows institutions to create various types of groups and individual chats. However, JuglBee offers several unique features that set it apart.

One of the key benefits of JuglBee chat is the added privacy and data security. Parent phone numbers are not exposed to other parents or teachers, providing an added layer of protection. Additionally, resources are shared on the cloud rather than on phone memory, eliminating the need to worry about storage limitations.

JuglBee also allows institutions to create specific types of groups to suit their needs. For example, class-wise groups can be created to share important updates and schedules with students, while faculty groups can be used to communicate important information and share educable videos and articles. Special occasion groups, core groups, transport groups, tour groups, and extra-curricular groups are also possible.

JuglBee Chat will give the freedom for Institutional owners and heads from the What’s App clutter of personal and professional chats. With JuglBee, all professional chats can be moved into JuglBee, leaving WhatsApp for personal use only!

JuglBee is also constantly developing new and exciting use cases for its chat feature, so stay tuned for more updates.

JuglBee provides a solution for group institutions with multiple branches to manage them all with ease.

Currently, the feature for parents to pay fees directly through JuglBee is not available, but it is being worked on and will be introduced in the future.

JuglBee provides an option for institutions to allow students and faculty to login with any username and password they choose, rather than using student phone numbers or personal emails.

JuglBee is available on the following platforms:

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Web

JuglBee offers a sleek and uncluttered user interface and user experience. This difference has led many institutions to switch from Google Classroom to JuglBee because of the improved experience it offers.

JuglBee stands out from platforms like TeachMint, Uolo, and MCB in several ways:

  1. It does not collect personal information of students
  2. Phone numbers are not required to use JuglBee
  3. The user interface is user-friendly and easy to use without any training
  4. JuglBee is a combination of ERP and LMS, designed to provide institutions with the most essential features they need

Transform Your Institution's Communication with JuglBee

Discover the ease and efficiency of communication with JuglBee, the chat platform designed specifically for educational institutions. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing communication between teachers, administrators, and parents. With features such as separating personal and professional chats, providing regular updates and communication, and the ability to store all data in the cloud, JuglBee streamlines the process.

Don't miss this opportunity to see how JuglBee can improve communication at your institution.

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