About Jugl

Jugl is a truly private and secure Connected Lifestyle app that brings a world of collaborative possibilities and freedom to billions of users and administrators with unprecedented control and features.

Jugl is designed around group content and group management requirements, whereas other message apps are typically focused on one-on-one communication.

In the near future Jugl will open up APIs to make it easier for businesses to use and integrate Jugl into their processes, and allow developers to create custom plugins to...

Yes, Jugl is available for Android devices through the Google Play store.

You can do it through the Jugl app by text or by sending a group link URL.


Jugl’s Privacy Policy is aimed at making your Jugl experience safe, secure, and private. The detailed Privacy Policy can be viewed here.

Messages are sent via a server but are stored locally on your device. Any data transferred over the server is encrypted and no one at Jugl can see any of your communications.

Jugl does not keep any logs of your messages or calls, including contacts.

Jugl cannot look at any of your messages.

Jugl features the ability for users to flag group message content for spam or inappropriate content, and future releases will include the ability to flag users and groups as well.

Group Messaging

No, members can only see messages that are posted after they join the group. Jugl will include the ability for users to see messages in a future update.

Super admin, admin, and member roles and there is no specific limit imposed by Jugl.

Jugl General

Jugl does not support voice and video chat in its current release, but will be coming in a future update!

Disappearing messages will be included in a future release.

Yes, Jugl does not restrict any connections via VPN services, but companies or VPN services may be configured to restrict Jugl from their ends.

Backups will be included in a future release.

Jugl has been optimized to use minimal data, but varies depending on what features are being used. For example, text messages use far less data than voice and video.

Email support is available by contacting info@jugl.com.

The current version of Jugl is completely free and will remain free forever. In the future, upgraded tiers with enhanced functionality are also available for a small monthly fee.

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