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Jugl is far more efficient for professional communication because it was designed from the ground up as a task and communication tool for businesses.

Using WhatsApp for workplace communication can sometimes create confusion and chaos for your team members.

App Controls

Jugl provides robust moderation controls to group administrators that allow them to create group policies, review and approve messages, and immediately remove access from employees that leave the company.

WhatsApp lacks a robust set of administrative control features that would allow for businesses to restrict access, monitor content, and more.

Cloud Storage

With Jugl, you can store files in your group’s library, organize them, and easily access them at any time without taking up space on your device.

There is no built-in way for WhatsApp to store and organize files in the cloud without resorting to complicated and costly plugins.

Data Privacy

When employee leaves, Jugl’s data is wiped from the employee's device, protecting the privacy of both the employee and the employer

WhatsApp has previously been criticized for failing to protect the data privacy of its users, keeping sensitive data stored on personal devices.

Task Management

Jugl provides every user with robust task and event management tools, and an Activity screen to see everything assigned to them.

WhatsApp is a poor choice for businesses due to the lack of productivity tools such as task management and event reminders.

Everything at a Glance

Jugl also provides a robust search feature that allows you to search through your contacts, files, groups, messages, and a handy calendar view to see everything you’ve got going on in a particular month.

WhatsApp allows you to search contacts and filter texts, but if your business needs to be able to filter out text files, images, videos, audio messages, or anything else then you’re out of luck.

Tag Messages

Jugl allows you to create your own tag categories and assign tags to important messages. It’s easy and fast, letting you be more productive with your day.

WhatsApp lacks the ability to tag messages so you’re left filtering through thousands of messages to find the exact one you’re looking for.

Employee Administration

Jugl provides administrators the to manage employee access on a granular level.

WhatsApp provides very little of the functionality that businesses need to efficiently manage and administer their employees.

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